Insurance Male and Females Get Car Quotations

For the student driver insurance who is just starting out, finding car insurance can be a bit of a nightmare. Wondering where to begin, which companies to try for a motor insurance quote, and how empty your pocket is going to be! Car Insurance companys often ‘load’ premiums for student driver insurance. The reason for this is because unfortunately student driver insurance have more accidents than older, more experienced motorists. This means that less experienced people have more claims on their car insurance policies.

Whilst there is no escaping the fact that student driver insurance will end up paying more for their policies, there are ways to minimize the cost of motor insurance policies. By buying a car that is as basic as possible, this will bring the price of the car insurance premium down. Flashy, ‘supped’ up models attract car thieves, so insurance companies higher the premiums to cover themselves in case the car is stolen. Which is more likely if it is a flashy racy sports car! Also, the type of people who drive these appealing cars tend to be classed as high risk. Therefore there is more chance of them tearing around the streets, and having or causing crashes.


If the car you are looking to insure has low resale value, you might be better considering third party only car insurance, or fire and theft motor insurance. This means that if you do have an accident, all other parties involved in the accident will be covered by your car insurance (if the accident was your fault). Your car won’t be covered, so you wont be able to claim off your own cover to get your car fixed or get fully compensated for the loss of your car if it’s a write off. However, if the car value is low, what you save on car insurance

(buying 3rd party instead of fully comp) over the next couple of years while you build up your no claims discount (NCD) will even things out. It’s a risk you take, but makes good long term sense. So for example – you have a car worth £500, and the cost to insure it for the first couple of years (while you are a student driver insurance and still inexperienced and without NCD) might be £900 fully comp and £750 third party. This saves you £150 per year. So over 3 years you will have saved £450. But, if you do write off your car, you wont get any of your £500 (which is what the car is worth) back if you have the cheaper third party only cover. It’s a gamble really – do you go for option one and be fully covered for all eventualities, and pay a lot more every year, or option 2, pay less but have less cover. Again, as with all tings in this life – you get what you pay for with car insurance!

To compare prices for fully comp insurance and third party car insurance, click on some of the links around the page. These will lead you to companies which specialize in student driver insurance. So, check out different types of cover and see how much you can save.